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the pocast about Guitar and Guitarists

Welcome to Ax Grinding.

This is my own little personal soapbox where I occassionally leap up and hold forth about music, guitar, guitarist, gear, technigue or anything else vaguely related to my musical world view.

What you can generally expect to run into here is:
  • Music that I find interesting for some reason, occassionally my own
  • Guitarist that I found significant to myself or others that I know
  • Trends and sub-genres that made or are making a mark in the music industry
  • Discussions of technique, gear or whatever else you guys suggest in the forums
Hope you enjoy the ride. Let me know by commenting on the show notes or in the forums.

~~ The guitar is a beautiful instrument, and it deserves our respect. As you go through your playing career, you will touch that instrument in a way that you will never touch anything or anybody in your life. It will bear the brunt of your sorrows and joys. It will see and feel your passion, your anger, your love, and your hate. It will lead you to your victories and your humiliations. Although a guitar is just wire and wood, you may feel that it possesses a soul of its own, and rightly so. But it is a reflection of you. Grow with it, and respect it. - Steve Vai (1989) ~~